Our Story


Why do I love cashmere quite so much? It makes me feel warm, yes, cosy, yes, but something about it being luxurious yet natural nourishes my soul – and makes me feel cared for, loved, cherished!

The reason I started The Little Cashmere Company was not just that I love cashmere and want others to have the same pleasure, but also because I want to extend that feeling of being cherished to the whole package – I want people to feel delight from the minute they open the outer wrapping!

So I work with a lovely, ethical cashmere supplier in Mongolia, and we have developed a small range of beautiful products. All of our cashmere is thoughtfully packaged, not with excesses of ribbon, frills or plastic at the expense of our environment, but with a beautifully simple box, elegantly hand tied eco-friendly jute ribbon, and personalised letter.

It’s the small acts of caring that can turn someone’s world around.